Ecole Européenne de Méthodologie, Gouvernance et Prospective Stratégique
European School of Methodology, Governance and Strategic Foresight  

The Department of Economics & management of Methodologica Universitas whishes to enter the teaching and research in an intercultural dimension to enable both teachers and learners to enhance the gains related to experience and relevant insights from different national traditions.

Department of
Economics & management

The Department's catalogue is available in two languages ​​and summarizes all the activities of the department.
The Department organizes regurarly workshops dedicated to a specific subject in addition to its regular courses.
The Economics & management department offers on-site or online courses throughout the year.
Objectives of the department of Economics & management
  recruiting associate teachers and researchers likely to provide courses on topical issues, included in university curricula and likely to present difficulties of comprehension and assimilation for students (examples: labor and working conditions, financial intermediaries, new forms of management, migration and development, corporate social responsibility, taxation and growth);
   promoting the activities of the department with the creation of an electronic journal "Knowledge of economy: methods, expertise, research" the first issue should be released soon;
   developing research on topics illustrating cultural diversity which will contribute to the preparation of thematic issues of the journal "Knowledge of economy" devoted to subjects such as work in the digital era, crisis or renewal of the welfare state, the collaborative economy, forced migration, intellectual capital and business value,
  finally, the publication of textbooks in the field of economics and management .
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