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e-Analytica Iranica

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Analytica Iranica is an analytical journal published in English and French since 2010 (Catalogue in PDF)
e-Analytica Iranica is an electronic journal publishing young researchers' work in the field of humanities.
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e-Analytica Iranica
e-Analytica Iranica is an electronic magazine dedicated to Iranian studies published only in PDF. Each issue of the magazine offers a thematic dossier or articles related to a field of Iranian studies (art and culture, history and civilization, sociology, law ...)  The articles published in the paper version of Analytica Iranica are not published in e-Analytica Iranica and vice versa. This is actually two separate reviews with different organization and publication.

e-Analytica Iranica is actually an innovation in the field of Iranian studies offering all researchers, iranologists, professors and students from around the world whose work is dedicated to Iranian studies, the opportunity to publish their work.

The goal of e-Analytica Iranica is to publish the work of researchers and specialists in the field of Iranian studies while involving them in projects of Methodologica Governance University. On the other hand by publishing articles of young researchers and students from Iran, e-Analytica Iranica give them an opportunity to present their work in Europe.

Language of the journal
e-Analytica Iranica is published in three languages; French, English and Persian without it being a translation from one language to another.

Sending articles for publication
You can send us an article in the area of your expertise and research even if you have already published it on a website or in a magazine. Your article will be studied and possibly published in one issue of e-Analytica Iranica which will address the topic of your article. For example if your article is about the history of Iran, it will be published in the dedicated issue to the history and civilization of the Iranian world.

Some comments on the publication
- e-Analytica Iranica will be published under the aegis of Methodologica Governance University and each department publishes its own e-Analytica.
- Each issue focuses on a specific topic related to a field of Iranian studies. However, other subjects may be published outside the main theme.   
- No translation will be published in e-Analytica Iranica.   
- Incomes of e-Analytica Iranica's publication belong to Methodologica Governance University and are under Copyright.   
- Articles sent for publication in e-Analytica Iranica must be related to Iranian studies. However topics suggested in the field of the methodology of humanities will be accepted even if they are not directly connected to Iranian studies.   
- The items offered have to respect the rules of methodology applied to the discipline.

Each issue of e-Analytica Iranica may include:
- Articles and research on the main theme or another subject that the main theme
- Debates
- Presentation of works
e-Analytica Iranica respects the Copyright and thus all articles published therein shall obtain prior permission from the author of the submitted work, be it a text, a photo, a drawing or even a caricature.

e-Analytica Iranica's charter of publication To maintain the scientific level of e-Analytica Iranica, articles must meet the general rules of the journal. Thus the final stage of preparation of an issue of e-Analytica Iranica will be done by Methodologica Governance University.
e-Analytica Iranica does not publish articles with illegal content and in particular those:
- Contrary to public order and morality
- Defamatory
- Abusive
- By their nature capable of undermining the respect for the person and dignity
- Inciting discrimination, hatred of a person or group of persons because of their origin, membership or non-membership in an ethnic group, nation, race or religion
- Inciting violence, including racial
- Racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic, revisionist
- Violent and obscene
- Infringing personality rights, copyrights, neighboring rights and trademark law
- The responsibility of the content remains with the author of the article.

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