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Frequently Asked Questions
Certificate and Diploma

  Is there a final examination or assessment at the end of each course or training?
According to the training, there is a final examination or continuous assessment throughout the course.

  Is there any assessment level (for language training) before the training?
Before starting a training, Methodologica Governance University conducts an assessment to ensure that you undergo the training corresponding to your starting level.

  What type of diploma or certificate is issued by Methodologica Governance University ?
At the end of each course a certificate will be issued stating the level you acquired. This certificate is in French.

  Is my certificate an academic degree?
No, our certificates are not academic degrees. The certificate is a nongovernmental certificate however all of our certificates are official.

  Will I receive a "Certificate of Achievement" for the distance course?
Yes, students who complete the entire course will receive a "Certificate of Achievement" signed by the professor and the directors of the course.
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