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Frequently Asked Questions
About funding your training

  Is there any financial support available for students?
You can find out about the ways our students finance their courses with their university or employer.

  How can I pay my tuition fees?
There are a number of ways to pay your tuition fees. You can pay the registration fees by bank transfer, check or cash but you must pay the full registration fees before you start your training. Our e-payment system provides an easy and flexible way to pay your tuition fee.

  How do I get an invoice?
Once the fees have been paid in full, an invoice will be sent to the student with the training contract.

  How can I finance the training of my choice?
You can use your personal training account (CPF) which allows any employee to benefit from hours of training credit to make training of their choice. This is valid in France.

  Will I benefit from my training personal account even if I'm not working?
Anyone active in the labor market can benefit from the personal training account (CPF) regardless of their status. So private sector employees, people unemployed or not registered at employment center, as well as young people leaving compulsory school system, job seekers can perform training using their CPF.
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