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Frequently Asked Questions
About Univirtuelle

  What is UniVirtuelle ?
UniVirtuelle is the first virtual university dedicated to the theory and practice of the methodology applied to the humanities.

  What are the benefits of a virtual university for learning methodology?
UniVirtuelle brings together all Methodologica Governance University ' distance courses using appropriate teaching tools, both to each discipline and distance learning method, such as audio-visual teaching aids and interactive courses via internet with regular contact with the instructor. This clearly allows students to better achieve their learning methodology.

  What are the benefits of UniVirtuelle's courses?
Distance courses offered by UniVirtuelle present an effective way for students who are located far from our teaching center allowing them to learn at their own pace and according to their availability by saving time and money. In distance courses offered by UniVirtuelle students benefit from a regular exchange with their teachers and are provided face-to-face sessions in blended learning to analyze their errors.

  What are UniVirtuelle's educational resources?
a. courses delivered by e-mail or mail to students,    
b. Webinars allowing students worldwide to be synchronized with their teacher and other students. This enables participants to address their problems and ask questions in real time,   
c. Access to UniVirtuelle's portal.

  Do I need to have internet access?
It is vital you have regular internet access throughout your course as this will help you to benefit from the resources available at UniVirtuelle’s portal which will be available to you at any time, from anywhere.  Some courses will require more frequent access. You will be able to contact your instructors, and your fellow students online and you will be able to access:   
- resources from the virtual library,   
- information about future course choice,   
- services provided by UniVirtuelle’s portal,   
- student support and services.
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