Ecole Européenne de Méthodologie, Gouvernance et Prospective Stratégique
European School of Methodology, Governance and Strategic Foresight  

The methodology is not only a tool to conduct academic research, but a philosophical approach ...    
Feedbacks received from our students are very important to us and provide us with their opinion on the quality of tesaching ...    

The complete presentation is set in a catalogue providing a broad overview on the organization and activities of the school ...    

European Standard of Methodology's conditions

In order to obtain the European Standard of Methodology, the organizers of an event should fulfill the following conditions:

  Sending an official application to apply for the QM2 (form n°1 sent by Methodologica University upon request).

  Fill in the questionnaire and send it along with the form n°1 (form No. 2).

  Sending the conference record (resume, scientific and technical presentation) as well as a presentation of the conference: its objectives, audience, organization, draft or final programme, list of sponsors (in English or French).

  Providing scientific director or secretary of the conference resumes.

  Sending CVs of the speakers (in English or French) as well as abstracts of selected speeches (in English or French).

  Sending abstracts of selected speeches (in English or French).
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