Ecole Européenne de Méthodologie, Gouvernance et Prospective Stratégique
European School of Methodology, Governance and Strategic Foresight  

The methodology is not only a tool to conduct academic research, but a philosophical approach ...    
Feedbacks received from our students are very important to us and provide us with their opinion on the quality of tesaching ...    

The complete presentation is set in a catalogue providing a broad overview on the organization and activities of the school ...    

European Standard of Methodology' services

The European Standard of Methodology provides several services to the organizers of the event having obtained QM2. Here are some of these services:

  The publication of top articles (abstracts or full articles) in the journal Studia Methodologica in English, French or Persian.

  Presentation of English-language articles on the Methodologica University's website.

  Advertising at the international level and in particular in Europe.

  Cooperation to attract sponsors within European institutions.

  Organizing specialized conferences in Europe, especially in France, Switzerland, UK and Belgium.

  Collaboration on the organization of travel facilities for Iranian participants at the European Conferences.
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