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Analytica Iranica is an analytical journal published in English and French since 2010 by Methodologica Governance University.
e-Analytica Iranica is an electronic journal publishing young researchers' work in the field of humanities.
Methodologica Governance University publishes its ow n textbooks developed and produced by its faculty members.
Teaching manuals of Methodologica Governance University
Trough the contribution of its professors, instructors and specialists of the methodology, Methodologica Governance University develops and provides its own teaching materials and manuals which include both theoretical and practical elements.
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French Culinary Language
Manuel pratique d'apprentissage du français appliqué à la gastronomie française

by Victoire Taheri ‪
In French and English

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Français langue étrangère, Analyse des erreurs ‪
(cas des persanophones)

by Rahim Fahandej Saadi ‪
In French ‪
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20 euros (PDF version)

Parlons Persan
Méthode pratique pour apprendre le persan moderne

by Victoire Taheri ‪
In Persian and French

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Persan en voyage
Manuel pratique de persan pour voyager en Iran

by Victoire Taheri ‪
In French and Persan

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