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French Culinary Language
Manuel pratique d'apprentissage du français appliqué à la gastronomie française

by Victoire Taheri

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Although the French language is one of the most difficult languages to learn, with this pedagogical manua we managed to do a language cocktail with gastronomy to facilitate learning for those who are interested in the French language through the French gastronomy. This book was designed to enable them to learn the language with a cultural contribution.

Learning French through this manual also opens the door to the world of workplace beyond the scope of a passion for the language for all those who wish to build their careers in contact with French chefs.
French Culinary Language ; Manual for learning French languages applied to French gastronomy

To meet the learning will of French applied to French gastronomy and given the need for a new proven and practical method, we decided to make it available to all who wish to learn French applied the French gastronomy, a method we teach since 2007 at Methodologica Universitas, Grduate School of the Methodology of the Humanities. With this method, many have learned the daily French in only a few months and the considerable progress they have achieved has encouraged us to publish this book with courses ranging from A1 to B2 with a practical grammar without entering into the technical detail.
Thus by publishing this book we wanted to offer a practical manual without addressing the technical and linguistic aspects of the language. As the book's name suggests, we presented an original method with a methodology in terms of innovation taking into consideration the practical difficulties of the language sometimes using an English translation.     
Some clarification on some aspects of this work can be made here:     
- this manual is tailored to the needs of beginners, false-beginners, but also those who have already acquired a certain level of French,     
- it is divided into six parts: A1-1, A1-2, A2-1, A2-2, B1 and B2 and providing a teaching from beginner to intermediate level,     
- courses are thematics and are based on the daily needs of learners,     
- this manual contains exercises to deepen each lesson,     
- to make this practical manual in terms of reading, we have added up to level B1 English translations for all sentences and words in French in the second part of the lesson,     
- thematic expressions complement this work and allow learners to expand their vocabulary in French.    
A special feature of this method is that it is taught both in-classroom, in distance learning with audio media sent by Methodologica Universitas to students. It has already been proven for several years with many students enrolled in French gastronomy schools worldwide who have learned French either within Methodologica Universitas in Paris or in distance learning from their home country. With this innovative method a complete beginner is able in a few months to communicate in French and better understand its gastronomy classes and intern in a French environment.
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