Ecole Supérieure de Méthodologie des Sciences Humaines
Graduate School of the Methodology of the Humanities
Methodologica Universitas has an experienced and bilingual or even trilingual faculty which features in favor of learning of international students. Our faculty consists of professors, researchers and internationally recognized experts. They participate actively and regularly in the preparation and development of educational materials for the discipline within their expertise.

Methodologica Universitas invites teachers from around the world to join its faculty.
Each year Summer Schools are organized with our partners around the world and teachers are invited to intervene in the country.
International experts are invited to participate to Methodologica Universitas' workshops when the theme is related to their competence.
Methodologica Universitas's recruitment

In order to ensure the quality of Methodologica Universitas' courses, independent teachers are invited to intervene during courses, which allows us to benefit from the contributions of experts in the field.  
To develop and ensure the level of our trainings, Methodologica Universitas recruits professionals throught the year to teach in different areas of the humanities.  

Methodologica Universitas wants to develop its faculty and to do so invites teachers and researchers interested in working as part of an educational project.   The recruitment process is planned to allow a large number of candidates to work whether in France or abroad, especially for distance courses offered by the distance learning programme.

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