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Students have the opportunity to sign up for the Academic coaching programme at Methodologica Governance University all year.
The new series of Ateliers d'Experts organized by the Governance & politics Department will be held in June 2017.

Master Class 2017 will take place at the same time in several countries such as every year.

Methodologica Governance University' Master Class 2017

To allow all those who are interested to attend training in the field of their choice, Methodologica Governance University organizes since 2009 a series of specialized trainings within the framework of its Master Class.

A series of methodology Master Class were held at the University of Isfahan from 28 and 29 may 2016.

These academic Master Class were hosted by Isfahan University and organized by Methodologica Governance University. The main topics were presupposed concepts, problematic and conceptualization. The sessions were attended by the faculty members of Isfahan university and its PhD students in different fields of social sciences and more specifically Persian language and literature. The three workshops of three hours (a total of 9 hours) were animated by Dr. Mahmoud Delfani and Dr. Somaye Sheikhzade. The attendance of a large audience remind us of the central position of methodology in research activities for academics and researchers which is vastly welcomed and shows their eagerness in getting closer to new methodologies in the world.

On this occasion Methodologica Governance University would like to thank very warmly Dr. Dehghannezhad, President of the literature and humanities faculty, Dr. Karbasizadeh, Research deputy of the literature and humanities faculty, Dr. Mohamadi Fesharaki, Head of the persian language and literature of the Isfahan University and Dr. Raziye Hojatizade, faculty member of the Isfahan University for their great cooperations making possible the realization of these courses.

For 2016, Methodologica Governance University organized its Master Class in various cities of Iran.

In 2015 Methodologica Governance University' Summer School was held simultaneously in Iran and France :

6th Summer School in Paris (France) in 2015

2nd Summer School in Tehran-Iran (see the programme in PDF)

About Methodologica Governance University’ Master Class

The programme takes place every year since 2009, in Paris and other cities in the world.

Methodologica Governance University’ Master Class is an academic and practical curiculum allowing students to apply and master the methodology and other disciplines in their academic studies.

The programme is designed as an interactive training including courses and workshops.

The Master Class offers courses covering a variety of subjects, including governance, political science, philosophy, management, economics, languages, literature, strategic foresight and journalism.

The maximum number of participants for each course is limited to 20 registered people.

Courses are conducted in French, English or Persian by international lecturers.

In each country, an organizing committee will take over the organization of the Master Class.

At the end of the Master Class, Methodologica Governance University will provide an official certificate to all participants.
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