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Elements of General economy
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Course description
This course is an introduction to the concepts and methods of economics and outlines the basic concepts of economic analysis from a perspective centered on the behavior of actors and their modes of coordination and inspired the theoretical foundations of the national accounts. The quantitative history is complemented by the analysis of contemporary ruptures.
Course content
- Insights on the scientific field of economy   
- Agents, functions and general interdependence
- Currency, monetary and financial crises and credit   
- Niveaux living and inequalities of income and wealth in France
- The genesis of Public Finance. Public money, its nature, its functions  
- Two contemporary ruptures: the advent of a service company and the transition to a knowledge economy

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ECO / CD / 101
Course available as of:
September 2015
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Distance course
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Word, PDF, PowerPoint, audio, video
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5 sessions
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Depending on the type of course
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