Ecole Européenne de Méthodologie, Gouvernance et Prospective Stratégique
European School of Methodology, Governance and Strategic Foresight  

MGU's Courses
Methodologica Governance University' course structure

Methodologica Governance University' courses are developed around a few basic principles:
Technical courses to ensure a basic knowledge in the field of study,
Practical, academic or professional modules planned for students and professionals who wish to enroll for distance courses.  

The purpose of these modules is to prepare participants for their academic or professional career. These modules are a practical initiative to deepen the knowledge acquired during the theoretical training and to practice and evaluate. It is recommended to have previously completed the distance learning course related to the theme of the module.  

One of the feature of our modules is the ability to analyze and evaluate the work of each participant . In addition to the educational material provided for each module, academic and professional work of participants will be part of the programme modules.  

Module’s programme consists of four parts:
The basics
Collective exercises
Individual exercises (project analysis of each participant)
A consolidated summary    

Multidisciplinary Master classes and online seminars are organized according to the content of each programme to further disciplinary knowledge and skills of students on a given theme. These online seminars are designed to enable the development of multidisciplinary knowledge on the topic.
Exercises and synthesis of theoretical and practical assessment are provided for each training.

The focus of our training is the Methodology (theory and applied), Governance and Strategic Foresight. Thus we ensure that participants overcome the difficulties of method to better apply and implement their academic and professional projects.    

Trough the contribution of professors, instructors and specialists of the Methodology, Governance and Strategic Foresight, Methodologica Governance University provides its own teaching materials and manuals for distance courses. Methodologica Governance University' teaching materials include both theoretical and practical elements based on an applied technique.

The educational materials are published by Methodologica Governance University publishing ©.   Methodologica Governance University' professors provide their teaching based on a diverse and innovative educational materials (books and manuals, audio and video, or any other content-related to the program) that ensures the effectiveness of the program.

Teaching materials vary depending on the training: distance or hybrid (blended learning).

Our students have the opportunity via a portal to:
Download courses and additional material;
Access to educational resources ;
Receive additional exercises with answer keys.  

Methodologica Governance University offers also courses and practical workshops to participants in order to apply theory and gain experience in the field of study. These workshops are addressed to students who enrolled a blended learning (Hybrid). In this case, students attend in classroom courses through workshops.
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